We’ve built a platform
to introduce you into cryptocurrency market.

A complete training project on the world of cryptocurrency is at your disposal along with an ecosystem of services connected through the use of "CREV" (our utility token). This token makes all the services accessible to everyone and easy to use.

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Our Mission

Making cryptocurrency market accessible to everyone through an information and training path that creates necessary skills.

We want offer people technologically advanced but simplified and affordable services. Trading, Mining, Staking and MasterNode Solutions are the core of our offer. Rely on our seriousness, professionalism and maximum quality guarantee for every service offered.

A project based on the true function of our Erc-20 token named CREV that will become your access key to an ever-expanding ecosystem of opportunities.


Once you have logged into our Ecosystem, you will able to manage everything. General platform is your first step to deposit cryptocurrencies and to buy our CREV Tokens.

Inside the platform and in other our specific websites, you will find many services dedicated to you. Your access key for all areas of the ecosystem is the CREV token. Our services will be:


ITO program has ended. In January 2019 we have scheduled to launch our Exchange platform. CREV Tokens are immediatelly accredited on your internal wallet and they can be whitdraw at any time on your erc-20 wallet like MetaMask, MyEtherWallet or Eidoo.

Distribution of the 69000000 tokens

Our Roadmap RoadMap

October 2017

Join Venture with Coin Double Trading SA to create E-Learning Service.
Start Social Promotion

December 2017

Develop of the first alpha version.
Develop of affiliation program

Quarter I 2018

Join Venture with MN Revolution Ltd for MasterNode Services.
Release of Beta version of platform

Quarter II 2018

Creation of Smart Contract for CREV ERC-20 Tokens.
Start of Airdrop. Available MasterNode Plans
Whitepaper Release

July 25th 2018

Start First ITO Stage (30% Bonus)

Quarter III 2018

Start Second ITO Stage (20% Bonus)

October 2018

Release of Mining Platform

Quarter IV 2018

Release of E-Learning Platform
Start Third ITO Stage (10% Bonus)

Quarter I 2019

End of ITO Program and Lunch of Internal Exchange
Release of Trading Platform

AS SEEN IN Pubblications

Frequently asked questions FAQS

We have different Membership Levels. Access is free to everyone and you enter as Rokie.
Rokie can make deposits and withdraws, buy tokens, access to all services for free and have only to pay for those services that require a subscription.
It is required the Membership Level Upgrade for those who want to promote our services and earn from the affiliation program.
Take a look inside to learn about different membership levels and related bonuses.

Of course. Complete the Tasks we require to receive 60 CREV = 6$.
Sign In the platform and you will find Airdrop page under ITO section.
You have not to wait the end of ITO to receive CREVs. Token will be credited to your wallet immediately.

Yes we have YouTube Channel with tutorials in different languages. For any other type of request you can directly contact technical support.

ICO stands for “Initial Coin Offering” and it is a means of raising capital through a crowdfunding campaign with the use of crypto-assets as investment. A digital asset, the coin or the token, is issued for a purpose and are sold to raise money for the said purpose.
After the ICO process is done, TEAM will use raised capital to create and develop the project.

ITO stands for “Initial Token Offering”, a process which is similar to an ICO but this time Team create a Token and use it in its project.
The biggest difference is that when you create an ITO the Token has already a function and the project has just been funded.
So this is not a fundraising but an initial sale, usually promoted using incentive bonuses.

For every ITO the token has to be classified and a decision pertaining to its regulatory status has to be made. Several fields of law such as financial market law, anti-money laundering regulations, civil law (with respect to the prospectus) and tax law have to be considered.
CREV Token is an Utility Token and merely give the investor the right to access a platform or utilize a digital ecosystem and services. Tokens are not financial products.

First of all you need to deposit Cryptocurrencies inside platform into your wallets.
Then you can participate in one of ITO Stages depending on the period. For example from July 25th to August 31th you can buy Crev for 30% Bonus.
Price of CREVs in ITO period is set at 1 CREV = 0,1 USD.
After the end of ITO, tokens will be tradable in exchanges and the price will depend on the market.

Immediately after your payment token will be accredited into your wallet and if you want you can withdraw them to your private Erc-20 wallet like MetaMask, MEW or Eidoo.

Masternodes are simply cryptocurrency full nodes or computer wallets that keeps the full copy of the blockchain in real-time. They perform several other functions and relaying blocks/transactions as a full node does in Bitcoin/Litcoin, for example:
• Increasing privacy of transactions
• Doing instant transactions
• Participating in governance and voting
• Enable budgeting and treasury system in cryptos
These masternodes are not standalone but they are always communicating with other such nodes to make a decentralized network and are often referred in short form as MN.

Masternodes are very useful for crypto investors because of running a masternode you are incentivized. Consider it just like earning a monthly or weekly interest on your crypto holdings.
Different cryptocurrencies have different incentive models through which an MN operator can earn a decently monthly or weekly income. We can call it “smart passive income”.
If you are invested in a cryptocurrency that allows you to run a masternode, you should definitely explore that option of earning.

Problem of MN is to create your own masternode you need to have a minimum of technical programming and linux language knowledge, a considerable amount of coins in the wallet (obviously depends on the chosen cryptocurrency) and you must know how to configure a VPS server.
We offer you different services like just made configuration service for you or plans to give you possibility to take part in a big MN for just a quote, using our CREV tokens.

Of course. If you help us promoting our project we will give you the opportunity to earn 10% of CREV tokens bought by your affiliates for up to 5 people submitted by you.

... or simply want you to promote our project ?
We thought of an affiliation program made for you. Simply by upgrading your membership level to one of the different plans, you can earn commissions on CREV tokens bought by your affiliates, up to 3 different levels (10% - 5% - 3%) as well as additional bonuses on the services purchased.
Sign in today and have a look at membership plans.

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